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All You'll Ever Need To Know About JDeV Software

Once upon a time I thought I might make a living making life easier for all the folks out there who didn't want to spend their time doing the same things over and over on their computers. Reality has since intervened, and I'm making a living managing the production of nickel super-alloy castings for the aerospace industry. If you're interested in nickel super-alloy castings, more power to you, you won't find anything about them here.

This site has basically languished since about 2009, since the need for gainful employment interrupted my life. Now it's basically just a toy I use to map out the irksome parts of the internet. I've got a script, and many, many links to this script, that basically routes all the traffic for a Class C address block containing the address of the caller to a local network address that doesn't exist. In other words, if you run the standard script kiddie scripts against this site, you will eventually block yourself, and 255 of your closest friends from this site. The route will die when I reboot, so you can try again if you happen to see me back up.

In later news, after becoming slightly paranoid, my web content is saved on a small SD card, with the write-protect switch to read-only, mounted in the usual location. Seems a tiny bit laggy until some of the content is cached, but seems unlikely that a cyber attack would get around that.

Today, while perusing my log files, I noticed that some of the php files that I had created to maintain my Pyrex project were being accessed by someone from outside my local network. It struck me as a bit odd, since the filenames aren't standard script kiddie fodder, and the files aren't referred to in any hrefs on my site. I did a quick 'whois' on the address, and damned if it isn't Google. So I imagine it's common knowledge, but I wasn't aware that they were pushing my browser history back to the mother ship for indexing starting-points. Kind of creepy, so I quickly removed the functionality from them if the user isn't local. Now I realize I've got to protect the php files that actually update the databases, since Goolag has the links to those now, too; harvested from the files I just protected.

If you ever should like to throw a few dollars at a seemingly intractible Excel problem, you can send me an email at jdevries@gate.net. If you'd just like to peruse a site that has remained largely unchanged since the end of the George W. Bush administration, feel free to look around.

If you like the look and feel of the site, I stole the look and a CSS file from a software vendor back in two thousand aught something, and the feel is all AJAX, hand rolled, modeled after the Negrino Smith book JavaScript & AJAX, Sixth Edition from Peachpit Press, with a shout-out to O'Reilly Publishing's JavaScript-The Definitive Guide.

*** This site is currently being actively developed, errors happen. ***